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The Coaching Crowd® Podcast with Jo Wheatley & Zoe Hawkins

Nov 28, 2022

In this week's episode we are talking about something we get asked about a lot in our group, whether or not to give homework to your clients. This can be individual to each coach and we would love to bring to you some thoughts around this topic and what impacts it might have.


We discuss:

  • what actually is homework?
  • the difference between coach set homework and client chosen homework
  • how we can support out coachees to achieve their coaching outcomes
  • when it might be appropriate to give homework
  • the importance of contracting and boundaries
  • how you can bring curiosity to sessions where homework has not been completed
  • what are some of the pitfalls around assigning homework

Assigning homework will always be a personal choice for each coach and may well only be relevant to some clients. In general though we ask you to consider what the reasons are for assigning homework and whose outcomes do they truly meet. As a coach it's important to be clear and purposeful when we ask our clients to take actions. How have you explored the idea of giving homework and how effective have you found it to be?

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